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The Film Workshop
with Emily Mitchell


The Film Workshop with Emily Mitchell


Emily Mitchell

Primarily a filmmaker and film instructor for photographers through her school, Everyday Films, Emily shoots videos and stills of her daily life. She and her husband Geoff live in a 100-year-old fixer-upper with their 4 children in Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from Furman University and the University of Arizona with a Masters in Teaching before having children and spending two years in rural Maine. Emily and her family travel extensively and as often as possible. You can follow her on Instagram @everyday_films.



  • Registration is open from Aug 13 - Nov 28. Regardless when you register, you have until Feb. 28, 2020 to complete.

  • The earlier you register, the more time you have with the content! But you get at least 3 months.

  • Typical time to complete the course is 5 weeks (that’s WITH a week of wiggle room, because I know you’re busy).

  • Cost is $259

  • If you want project feedback, I provide written, rubric-based evaluations at $99 with up to 3 Next Best Steps.

  • We can also schedule a 90-minute 1:1 video chat and go in-depth with technique, music, color, etc. We can do this before or after you complete your project. $99

  • For either a video call or written feedback, email me through the Contact form.


Lesson 1:

Why are You Here
Inspiration and Finding Your Purpose, History and Markets in DSLR Video, Market Trends and Opportunities for Profit with Video

Lesson 2:

Planning your Shoot
Gear Essentials and Extras, Software

Lesson 3:

Shooting Part I: Camera Settings & Frame Rates
Settings for Canon users, Settings for Nikon users, Understanding Frame Rates and When to Use Which, Slow Motion

Lesson 4:

Shooting Part II: Stabilization & Focus Techniques
ISO, Shutter Speed, Focus Techniques. Stabilization Devices, Focusing with a Stable Camera, Handheld Stabilization Techniques

Lesson 5:

Shooting Part III: Introducing Camera Movements
Purpose of Camera Movements, Types of Camera Movements, and Basic Editing Tutorial

ASSIGNMENT 1: Complete a list of 19 shot technique exercises to establish your stabilization and focus skills.

Lesson 6:

Composition, Lighting and 2-Hour Live Family Session Shooting Tutorial
Troubleshooting Computer Issues with Editing, Composition for the 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Shot Types, Finding and Embracing Available Light, and 2-Hour Live Shooting Tutorial at an In-Home Lifestyle Family Session, where I explain everything I'm thinking and doing as I shoot, from lenses and setup, to personal interactions with the family, to Finding and Bringing Out the Story.

Lesson 7:

Quality Audio Capture
How Environment Affects Audio Quality; Audio Capture Devices and When to Use Which Kind, Capturing Audio with Intention, Capturing Audio for Emotional Impact

Lesson 8:

Color Grading and Color Correction in Lightroom
Importing Video and Photo Files From Camera to Lightroom, Color Grading and Color correction in Lightroom, Exporting Lightrrom Video Files

Lesson 9:

Music Acquisition
Licensing Sources for Any Music, Types of Licenses and Pricing, What to Listen for When Selecting Music, Audio File Types and Uses

Lesson 10:

Amateur Pitfalls, 4-HOUR Editing Intensive on the Emotional Edit: Identifying and Using Music Components for Emotional Impact, and how to edit dynamic clips with motion.

Lesson 11:

Pricing and Overall Workflow
Branding, Pricing, Costing, Sales, Workflow from Concept to Continuing Client Care.  BONUS SECTION: Filming Low-Light Situations

Lesson 12:

Social Media and Customer Service
Video Sharing Guidelines and Tips for Social Media platforms, The Customer Service Cycle


Pre-Requisites: You must be comfortable shooting still photos in manual mode with your DSLR. 
You will also need a DSLR camera that shoots video, a camera strap, and a computer with or capable of Lightroom 4 or later. Zero experience with video is required.

Fall 2019’s workshop opens Aug 13 - Nov 28 while seats last, and will be On Demand, which means you work through the content as you complete it, and it works like a “Silent Seat.” Anyone who’d like in-depth written feedback and/or a video screenshare call with me, just email! And yes, I am still limiting seats like a regular workshop. I will not be monitoring the forum as usual because I’m on sabbatical from teaching The Film Workshop for the FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS (Yes! 5 Years of The Film Workshop!) I’ll be organizing the FIRST EVER in-person community gathering of the growing family filmmaking community (click The Collective in header menu for more info). And of course, trying to edit my OWN personal films.

UPDATE: Fall On Demand SOLD OUT. Due to popular demand, I’ve opened 5 more seats. Register below.
— Love, Emily


Gallery of Student Final Projects

If you are a photographer already comfortable in manual mode, then this course is for you! 

Immerse yourself in this online, self-paced, 4-week course with simple, easy to follow lessons on shooting video with your DSLR or mirrorless.  The Film Workshop is the original course on family films, which I pioneered starting in 2012.  I have taught over 1,030 students from 19 different countries since I started the workshop out of necessity in 2015 as a response to all the emails when I would release videos.  The Film Workshop is the wellspring of the Family Film movement and has standardized the transition for photographers wanting to learn DSLR filmmaking in the context of real life.

I will teach you everything it took me 7 years of making videos to learn. You need zero experience in any aspect of shooting video, image editing, or video editing. You will leave this course with a completed personal video project documenting your own life, complete with music. To get there, you will learn everything you need to know, from finding your niche in this quickly-growing field to all the details of easy video color editing in Lightroom and using music to emphasize emotion in your clips, putting it all together in an editor of your choice (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or simpler/free alternatives). Video is really a lot easier than it sounds, and my goal is to make it easy for you to take these new skills from concept to completion, documenting life for yourself or your clients!

When you’re deciding HOW to learn video, you have options. But what makes The Film Workshop unique is that it’s taught by a very present, caring instructor who gives you individualized attention anytime you need it, daily, to support you on what can be a steep learning curve, in a group mentoring situation, allowing you to learn from your peers in a heartfelt and compassionate community.  If there's any time you want to invest in personalized attention, it's an intro level, highly technical skill that is new to you.  Let me help you demystify video, hold your hand, and help you see what you might not see on your own in your early work. 

Plus, when the workshop is over, all the materials, including recorded Q&A calls and all the discussion forums are there for you, for good, as your reference for self-study. No need to pay a renewal fee for your access.

Updated for 2019 to include: 2019 style guide for children’s clothing & props (with links), new & emerging job opportunities for DSLR video, 4K requirements when you choose to go 4K, easy 3-step color correction in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro (or Lightroom if you don't have PP or FCP).  Also includes new tutorial on Instagram.

There are no refunds, so make sure your camera shoots video and that you are comfortable shooting stills in manual mode.



2019 Workshop Dates

SOLD OUT - January 8 - February 5, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues Nov 27, 2018 at 9 PM EST)

SOLD OUT - April 2 - April 30, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues March 5 at 9 PM EST)

COMING UP - ON-DEMAND ACCESS ONLY for FALL 2019 ONLY (Registration is Open Tues Aug 13th, 2019 - Thurs November 28th, 2019 or until all spots fill. The workshop should take you 5 weeks. You may begin anytime, but access ends Feb 28th, 2020 (so you have a minimum of 3 months to complete, and anyone registering before Nov 28th just gets extra time.) $259

If you are an alum, you may retake the course in full, with participation, feedback and all updated materials for $299 at any time starting with January 2020.



Fall 2019 Self Study is $259

$99 for either written, in-depth, rubric-based evaluations of your project and/or

$99 for a 1:1 video conference call with screen share & remote control, 90 minutes, any project, any time during the workshop

Alumni may take this as well. This is a great time for alumni to re-take the workshop.

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