Our Story


How it all started

Everyday Film School grew from The Film Workshop, started in 2014 by Emily Mitchell of Everyday Films.  She loved the power of film to subtly convey our emotions about our lives through the combined use of music, voices, motion, interactions, and the sights and sounds of everyday life.  In 2011, she started making non-narrative films of her life, set to music, similar to a montage or a video mosaic.  She has spent the past seven years elevating and championing this simple but elegant sub-genre of film, applying it to documentary-style shooting and teaching others to do the same.

The real subject of any compelling film is not what you see, but what you feel.
— Emily Mitchell

After two years teaching The Film Workshop, demand grew for more filmmaking education for photographers beyond the introductory level.  Monet Nicole Moutrie of Monet Nicole Photography, world-renowned birth filmmaker and leader of the movement Birth Becomes Her, joined Emily in unveiling her process from start to finish in her own workshop, The Birth Film.  In 2017, Joy and Don Prouty joined Everyday Film School with their passionate new workshop, Film With Heart, designed to be the 201-level family film course beyond The Film Workshop and provide a solid foundation in narrative storytelling.  2017 also saw the addition of the mentoring program, comprised of talented women who all started out with The Film Workshop and went on to become strong artistic voices with their own films.


Originality is everything. 

Luckily, you possess all that is necessary for originality: your unique self, experiences, and interpretations.  All of the workshops and mentoring at Everyday Film School are a combination of inspiration and actionable technical skills.  But most importantly, we all share the same underlying philosophy and end goal for each learning experience.

We are here to help you discover and use your unique artistic voice through the medium of film, using the gear you already have and drawing on your own life experiences.  And while you will learn skill and artistry, our ultimate goal is to go beyond that and help you apply what you learn to your own message, in your own way.  

While our graduates' work can be recognized by its technical skill and richness, each artist has developed their own approach to communicating with film, and you can recognize it in the confidence with which our students take ownership of bold projects beyond Everyday Film School.  We consider that empowered originality our greatest accomplishment.