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Film With Heart
Joy & Don Prouty

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Film With Heart with Joy & Don Prouty

Joy & Don Prouty

Don was the first to have a beard in high school. Joy thought it was amazing. Twenty years and five kids later and it's still her favorite. They make films and dream big dreams in a little white farmhouse in a tiny town in Tennessee.  Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography is a photographer, sunshine chaser, wanderer, wife and mother who thrives on adventure and loves a good creative project! Joy’s work has been featured in a large variety of print and online publications and media and is well known in the entertainment industry. At home, Joy is on the continual journey towards simple living.



Lesson 1:

Get to Know Don & Joy: Who we are and what we want our work to stand for

Lesson 2:

The Gear We Use


Defining Your Film's Purpose


Story Construction

Lesson 5:

Shooting: Demo and raw footage of  drone and handheld gimbal, with voiceover annotation on what is done and why

Lesson 6:

Venturing Out of Auto White Balance: White Balance Presets, Custom White Balance, Direction of Light and Custom White Balance

Lesson 7:

Using Movement to Elicit Motion

Lesson 8:

Conducting Interviews and Using Voiceover

Lesson 9:

Being Focused but Flexible as a Filmmaker

Lesson 10:

Editing 301 - integrating DSLR, drone, and gimbal footage; color grading & color correction

Lesson 11:

Emotive Films for Business & Charity

Lesson 12:

The Importance of Staying Creatively Curious

Pre-Requisites: You will get more out of this workshop if you are not an absolute beginner.  You need a foundation in videography (i.e. The Film Workshop, or another intro course, or life experience shooting & editing at least a few films with your DSLR.  Although The Film Workshop specifically is not required, we do recommend it, as the courses are aligned to follow one another without overlap.)

Last Live Run of Film with Heart! If you’ve had YOUR heart set on this course, now is the time. Class runs Sept 3 - Oct 1.
— Emily Mitchell

Films By Joy & Don Prouty


If you have a passion for making films, and a basic videography understanding, this is the course for you.

Joy & Don Prouty are well-known in the photography industry for not only their emotive and creative photography and films, but also for inspiring other photographers through in-person workshops, mentoring, speaking at events around the United States.  They have teamed up to bring you the perfect combination of inspiration, artistry, technique, and actionable skills in this 201-level workshop designed to take you beyond the basics of DSLR filmmaking.  This is the course everyone has been asking for -- it's the answer to, "Where do I go next?" and "How do I get there?"

In this workshop, you will learn to elevate every element of film from the ground up.  Building on the emotional emphasis of The Film Workshop, Film With Heart teaches you to find your purpose and let that drive your creative decisions.  You will learn the framework for narrative storytelling, and Joy & Don show you exactly how they get from purpose to planning, step by step, in videos and photos and examples of real life shoots. 

You will learn about new, simple, and accessible creative and technical tools designed to help you achieve new perspectives, speeds, resolutions, variety, and unmatched stabilization in-camera.  You will learn options for how to accurately set white balance for video (which is different from photography).  You will learn audio capture and interview setup and technique, and how to pull that together in post, along with multiple cameras and devices.  You will learn how Joy does her color grading & correction.  

You will learn about emerging opportunities in DSLR filmmaking for those with advanced skills, including Instagram collaborations, music videos, and film for business and charity and be able to ask questions about it.

But above the importance of your new technical skill, you will be inspired to dig deeper, reach higher, and trust yourself more.  You will learn how to stay focused and in control during sessions with your clients, giving them the direction they need to naturally reveal their story as you shoot.  Yet you will be able to let go and allow opportunities for creativity to flow and your interactions with clients to become fluid and open and full of trust and joy.

And you will be able to tie all of this together in your own way, applying the technique and creativity to express your purpose, in your own voice, from your own heart.  That's what Film With Heart is all about.






SOLD OUT April 2 - April 30, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues March 5 at 9 PM EST)

SOLD OUT June 18 - July 16, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues June 4th at 9 PM EDT)

COMING SOON September 3 - October 1, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues Aug 13th, at 9 PM EDT)




(SUMMER 2019 ONLY - $259, Open Access)