What is the format for the workshops?

All workshops are 12 lessons each, spread out over 4 weeks. While there is a lot of quality content, there is also a heavy emphasis on teaching, so it's almost like a guided group mentorship. There is typically a lot of interaction among students and instructors, but it is not required if you like to lay back and soak it all in. You can do the lessons on your own schedule. The only scheduled appearances -- live video chats -- will be offered at a variety of days and times to accommodate students from all over the world.

How do I get in?

If you want a seat in The Film Workshop or Film with Heart, you really do need to show up on time for registration dates and times listed. Registrations occur on the respective workshop pages on this site (access from dropdown). Seats always sell out in minutes, and unfortunately class sizes are limited to preserve the intimacy and mutual support of the group experience.

How long do I have access to the materials?

Access to all workshops is yours to keep.

Are there any monthly fees?

Nope. You only pay for what you need. And then you get to keep it. As in, for good.

What happens after workshops?

If you complete your final project for the course, you will be admitted to our alumni group on facebook with hundreds of other motivated photographer-turned-filmmakers. Here, you can ask any question about filmmaking and usually someone will reply quickly with insight. You can also ask for critiques, share work, talk about business, technical questions, and share inspiration. The Alumni Group is independent, motivated, and very supportive in times when you need it. It is a community that has naturally grown out of the DSLR filmmaking movement over the years and is a powerhouse of information and experience. There are NO FEES to join or remain here, but you must earn your way in by completing a film through Everyday Film School.

When was Everyday Film School founded?

It began as a simple online workshop in 2014. In 2016 we moved to an online school to meet demand and in spring of 2017 we grew to add multiple additional offerings. It is the first online film school for photographers.

How qualified are my instructors?

Every instructor at Everyday Films has a graduate degree in teaching adults or years of experience teaching adults photography. While there are many talented people out there, we place a high value on pedagogy and instructional design, so we select instructors who are leaders in their field, pioneers of their medium, AND have educational experience as well - all three.


How much access do I have to my instructor?

While the workshops are loosely self-paced, there is a deadline to submit your final if you would like feedback. You instructor is available at least once per day, 6 days/week, to answer questions in the online forum. You may also have access to your instructor via live video chats, depending on the workshop. Instructors are available throughout the duration of the workshop, plus occasionally in the alumni group as well if it is needed (though alumni themselves are often the best and fastest sources for the varied questions that arise).

How much do workshops cost?

Each workshop is a tax-deductible investment of $367.50.

What are the workshop dates for 2019?

2019 WORKSHOP DATES January 8 - February 5, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues Nov 27, 2018 at 9 PM EST)

April 2 - April 30, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues March 5 at 9 PM EST)

June 18 - July 16, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues June 4th at 9 PM EDT)

September 3 - October 1, 2019 (Registration Opens Tues Aug 13th, 2018)

January 2020 courses - Registration will be November 5th, 2019.

Can I take multiple workshops at once?

Not exactly. You cannot take The Film Workshop at the same time as any other workshops except for self-study and mentoring. These workshops are structured so that they build on each other, so taking intro with an advanced class doesn't make sense.

What happens if I fall behind?

The wonderful part about online education is that it is designed to fit into your life. There is extra completion time built in to allow for life circumstances, including travel, in addition to multiple guided opportunities to prioritize and catch up, based on where you are and how much time is left. This way you can make the most of the course with the time you have available. We do not let students fall through the cracks, but check in with them because we care.

Will you please come teach our group in person?

That is up to the individual instructor; please email using the contact form at the top of this page. State what it is you would like covered.

I feel like I'm always buying workshops but struggle to finish.

You are not alone! Only about 50% of students who start a photography workshop complete all the assignments on time. But our workshops have an unprecedented completion rate of 82%, because we layer our instruction so each lesson is a step in finishing. We also hold your hand. If your busy life makes it difficult to prioritize creative time, this is the supportive, caring environment for you!